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Friday, May 22, 2015

Insight 5775-32: THE FOCUS OF UNITY

For Bamidbar
Not yet available on the Nishma website.

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1) There is a slight question that may emerge with the practical application of the theory that is proposed in the Insight. The Insight proposes that one of the ways to further the development of unity is through the inclusion of the diversity in the force of unity. One example of this may be through, in a shiur, for example, including the presentation of different Torah viewpoints even as one is really only going to focus on one. In simple words, the presentation of spectrum should, within this perspective, promote unity. Interestingly, someone once told me many years ago that he would expect me to be requested to speak frequently because I quote from across the board. The fact is, though, that this is not the case. While there may be many reasons for this -- and it may be clearly my own shortcomings -- what dawned on me with this statement was the possible reality of the opposite. Based upon certain experiences that I have experienced, rather than fostering a positive response based on the quoting of different opinions, what has actually occurred was the development of a negative response for how could I even quote that other opinion. People rather than seeing in the presentation of diversity a place of themselves and thus a fostering of unity, will often reject this overture of unity because you dare give value to another viewpoint by mentioning it. This sadly has been my experience. Perhaps this may be the special talent of the Mashiach -- to know how to truly use the force of unity that emerges with a recognition of diversity. In the meantime, it is worthwhile contemplating how to present diversity in a manner whereby people will see it as inclusive rather than referring to it as a reason for separation.

Friday, May 8, 2015

5775-31: Aveilut

For Emor
Not yet available on the Nishma website.

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Friday, May 1, 2015