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Insight 5776-16: Free Choice

For Va'era

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To expand upon the theory presented in the Insight, Free Choice does not necessarily involve definite conclusions but demands of us to see the full intellectual perspective. It may be that even one accepting hatra'ah may still believe his/her behavour is correct but to do so after accepting the hatra'ah must demand of the person to at least question his/her thoughts. How could someone declare that he/she knows that this law is from God and then just ignore this idea? And if the person did not believe that the law was from God, why did this person accept the hatra'ah? The concept of Free Choice is about this type of thought and recognition. It is about not declaring the black-and-white, especially when one alternative is in one's interest, but seeing the issues.
This idea may also explain why one who is greater is held more responsible for their actions and decisions. There are times where we really, due to our limited perceptions, do not know what to do. Our ability to make a Free Choice decision can be limited. One greater would have more Free Choice ability and this is the reason that such a person could be more responsible.

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